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[Webinar] Using big data to find the highest quality car shoppers

Where does my dealership’s website traffic really come from? Are all my referrals – direct and indirect – equal? How do I know which of my visitors convert, and why? These are some of the most important questions dealerships ask when evaluating the performance of their website, as well as their marketing mix as a […]

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Stat of the week: Consumers find online reviews "as trustworthy" as personal recs

Online reviews are now a mainstay in automotive marketing, yet some still question there relevance with shoppers. According to a study by BrightLocal, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations,  a major indicator that shoppers of all types place a great deal of value in the unbiased perspective they get from peers through reviews. Does […]

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Cars.com in the news - 9/26

From the role of third-party research sites to major manufacturer news, here's a recap of this week's top stories featuring Cars.com. 3rd Party Research Recent stories in Automotive News and MediaPost highlight new research commissioned by Cars.com related to consumer buying habits. Citing the Digital Influence study, the articles call out the differing levels of influence traditional media, online […]

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Photo Hunt: Test your fixed ops knowledge

Searches for vehicle maintenance have increased by more than 65% over the past three years, yet most dealerships still wrestle with how to put their service department's best foot forward online. Decisions that were once made based on paper coupons and monthly mailers are now being made on auto research and review site sites, with shoppers prioritizing […]

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Stat of the week: Online research drives dealership visits

Our latest study, The Digital Influence, shows that the experience dealerships provide while would-be customers are on the lot plays a significant role in shaping decisions about which vehicle to buy and where to buy it. But before shoppers ever arrive at the dealership, they do a a great deal of work goes into researching which store or […]

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