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Cars.com in the news - August 1, 2014

Recapping some of this week's top Cars.com news stories, new-car sales, mobile and vehicle service were all top of mind in industry media outlets and automotive publications. July New-car sales Building on a summer of strong new-car sales, July new-vehicles rose 9 percent YoY (Yahoo!), closing at 1.4 million units. Following an early sales forecast shared with International […]

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Satisfied customers? Encourage them to share their happy #newcarface with Cars.com

Handing over the keys and watching a customer take ownership of their new car is a special feeling - the excitement about the road ahead, the classic “new car smell,” the resolution after what’s often days and weeks of research and shopping. Once the deal is done, it’s only natural for them to want to […]

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July Auto Retail Sales Expected to Hit Highest Level Since Before Recession

Cars.com forecasts July light, new-vehicle sales will hit 1,435,104 units, up 9.4 percent year-over-year and up 1 percent from June. A SAAR of 16.5 million is expected for July, an increase of 4.4 percent from this time last year and down 2.8 percent month-over-month. Additionally, retail sales are expected to make up 86 percent of […]

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3 Quick Tips for Replying to Online Reviews About Your Service Department

If a service customer called and left an angry message on your Dealer Principle’s voicemail, would that individual have his or her call returned? Of course they would, and reviews should be treated with the same urgency. When customers take the time to provide you feedback, they appreciate knowing that their feedback has been heard. Writing thoughtful […]

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Stat of the Week: Showroom research spurs additional dealership visits

It's a common scene at most dealerships: A sales rep goes to the far side of the showroom to double check figures or to see if a sister store has a specific unit in stock, leaving the customer to their own devices - literally. Maybe it's a stealthy glance from under the sales desk, maybe it's out in the open, but the time […]

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