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How can you give your service department a lift?

With Cars.com, you get tools to put your prices in context and showcase your service department online like never before. We help you bring your bottom line to the next level by getting in front of your service shoppers when it matters most.


Unpacking Big Data: A Cars.com Case Study in Partnership with Groove Automotive

In our latest case study, Unpacking Big Data: Analyzing Online Shopper Behavior Beyond the Last Click, Gabriel Montano, Operations Manager at Groove Auto Group shares new findings from an independent analysis of Cars.com traffic to Groove websites.


How does Cars.com reach and influence car shoppers?

As a trusted consumer resource, we put you in consideration as shoppers are deciding which dealerships are worth an in-store visit. It's all about getting you in front of your shoppers before it's too late.


What can you expect in 2015?

Greg McGiveny, Cars.com's Vice President of Strategy, discusses our new focus for 2015. He notes key trends and insights that are driving the industry as well as new products that we'll be launching.


A Better Response to Email Leads

“Leads are important; leads matter; leads drive business; leads sell cars. But what we’ve been able to learn through this study and through this [case study] process and experience is that the lead that arrives through your CRM and the lead that walks into your dealership may not only be influenced by one specific source." Gabriel Montano, Operations Manager at Groove Auto Group shares why many dealerships are looking at email leads the wrong way.

80% of cars.com’s audience is currently in the market for a vehicle.3

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